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Whispering Dunes: Artisanal Moroccan Wool Rug-Large-300x200cm

Whispering Dunes: Artisanal Moroccan Wool Rug-Large-300x200cm

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Category : Handcrafted Rug, Large

Lovingly crafted from natural organic wool, brings the serene essence of untouched landscapes into your living space. The handcrafted rug showcases the perfect blend of organic warmth and sumptuous texture, making it an ideal addition to your  interior. The 'Whispering Dunes' rug is not just a purchase but an investment in sustainable luxury and artisanal heritage.

  • Material: Premium Natural Organic Wool
  • Color: Natural, embodying the soft hues of the desert
  • Dimensions: 300 cm x 200 cm (approximately 118.1 in x 78.7 in)
  • Shipping: Offered worldwide shipping 
  • Installation: Designed for effortless unrolling and settling
  • Special Features: Handcrafted with environmentally responsible practices, promoting artisanal Moroccan techniques
  • Care: Vacuum gently; spot clean with mild detergent for spills; professional cleaning recommended for sustained beauty
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