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Cascade: handwoven Moroccan luxury rug- 250x150 cm

Cascade: handwoven Moroccan luxury rug- 250x150 cm

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Category: Artisan Wool Rug-250x150

Step onto the plush elegance of the ' Cascade,' a handwoven Moroccan luxury rug that combines timeless craftsmanship with organic comfort. Each 250x150 cm masterpiece is meticulously crafted from natural organic wool, promising a touch of Moroccan tradition for your living space. Revel in the tactile delight of its sumptuous texture, perfect for adding a layer of warmth and chic sophistication to any room. This handcrafted treasure comes with the promise of free worldwide delivery, ensuring that no matter where you reside, you can indulge in the artisanal charm of Tigmee Interiors.

  • Material: High-Quality Natural Organic Wool
  • Color: Neutral, embracing the natural hues of organic wool
  • Dimensions: 250 cm x 150 cm (approximately 98.4 in x 59.1 in)
  • Shipping: Complimentary worldwide shipping
  • Installation: Easy to lay and adjust to your space
  • Special Features: Ethically sourced, eco-friendly, handcrafted with a unique Moroccan design
  • Care: Vacuum regularly, spot-clean with a damp cloth when necessary, professional cleaning recommended for long-term maintenance
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