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Set of 4 : Savannah Stripes Terracotta Pottery Quartet

Set of 4 : Savannah Stripes Terracotta Pottery Quartet

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Category : Handmade Decor

Immerse in the visual rhythm of the "Savannah Stripes Terracotta Pottery Quartet," a set that captures the essence of the African savannah. The bold stripes and earthy tones of these vases are reminiscent of the wild and free spirit of the wilderness. Handcrafted from rich terracotta, each piece boasts its own pattern, celebrating the diversity of nature. This collection is perfect for those who seek to bring an element of the untamed world into their living space.

  • Material: Handcrafted high-quality terracotta pottery
  • Color: Natural terracotta base with black and natural stripe patterns
  • Shipping: Free worldwide shipping
  • Installation: No installation needed; arrives ready for display
  • Special Features: A set of four with individual hand-painted designs, evoking the spirit of the savannah
  • Care: Dust with a soft cloth; avoid water contact to protect the paint and terracotta integrity
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