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Large Artisanal Terracotta Candlestick

Large Artisanal Terracotta Candlestick

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Category : Handmade Terracotta Candlestick

Embrace the enchanting glow of Moroccan evenings with the 'Marrakech Twilight' candlestick. Meticulously handcrafted from high-quality terracotta, this large statement piece stands as a testament to traditional Moroccan artistry. Its robust form and earthen hues invite a touch of warmth to any space, reflecting the rich heritage of Moroccan decor. Free worldwide shipping ensures this piece of Tigmee Interiors' collection can illuminate homes across the globe with ease. 

  • Material: High-quality terracotta, handcrafted with dedication
  • Color: Natural terracotta hue with variations that underline its artisanal origin
  • Shipping: Offered global delivery to your doorstep-7 to 20 days
  • Special Features: Each candlestick is unique with handcrafted charm, ensuring no two pieces are exactly alike
  • Care: Dust gently with a soft brush or dry cloth. Avoid water to preserve the terracotta integrity
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