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Caravan : handcrafted copper pendant lamp-large-45x40 cm

Caravan : handcrafted copper pendant lamp-large-45x40 cm

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Category: Lighting, Ceiling Light

The Caravan Serenity Pendant Lamp is a tribute to the historic Silk Road, where cultures converged and artisans exchanged their exquisite crafts. This lamp, with its handcrafted copper body and intricate lacework, channels the spirit of those ancient bazaars. It casts a golden tapestry of light that can turn any room into a serene sanctuary, reminiscent of a tranquil desert evening under a starlit sky.

  • Material: Sustainably sourced, high-quality copper.
  • Delivery Time: Offered Delivery, Ready to ship in 10 to 25 business says, allowing swift delivery of this piece of history to your doorstep.
  • Color: Warm antique gold.
  • Dimensions: Height - 45 cm (17.7 inches), Diameter - 40 cm (15.7 inches)
  • Shipping: Ships globally with our compliments.
  • Installation: Ready to install with all necessary hardware included for a straightforward setup.
  • Special Features: Each lamp is individually crafted, with patterns that are both traditional and uniquely modern, ensuring no two lamps are exactly alike.
  • Care: Gentle cleaning with a dry, soft cloth is recommended to preserve the lamp’s intricate details and patina.
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